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Sweden Timber has a large operation with many different job opportunities. We are a wonderful team in several different parts of Sweden, Malmbäck, Hjortkvarn, Skillingaryd and Mora.

If we don’t have a vacant position out there right now that suits you, we are always looking for new competent employees. Send your application to Mark the Email with the city where you are looking for a job in the subject field.

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Avaliable positions

Our facilities

Our facilities are located in Mora, Hjortkvarn, Skillingaryd and Malmbäck. We also have a sales company in Holland.

Meet Alexander

What do you work with?
I’m a forklift driver at Sweden Timber Skillingaryd.

I started working in Skillingaryd two years ago. I started in the planing production where I got to learn about the products, production and setting up the machines.

After a while, I got to try driving the forklift as well. I started by picking out packages that were to be shipped out to customers and then I started driving for the production. Now I usually drive the forklift full time, I think it’s the most fun! But I also help with the planing production when needed.

Had you worked with something similar before?
No, I had no experience at all with wood and the wood industry before. I have had to learn everything from scratch. At first it felt like I didn’t understand anything, but Andreas, Kenneth and the others who work here have taught me in the meantime so now I feel like I can handle it.

What is the most enjoyable part of the job?
It is precisely that there are varied tasks, that you get to change and help where needed. It can be a bit stressful at times but it’s fun almost every day!!

What do you think about working at Sweden Timber?
It’s the best job I’ve had, and everyone is really nice and cares about each other.

Meet Ismet 

What do you work with?
I am a planing operator at Sweden Timber Malmbäck.

I started in Malmbäck back in 2007 when the new planing line was built. The first months I worked mostly on the output of the planing with packaging and specifications. But quite quickly I had to start learning how to set up and feed the planer.

Today, that’s what I do most, setting up and feed the planing. I also check the quality and make sure the products are as they should be. It is very important! And that we maintain a high production rate.

What makes you evolve?
I constantly want to get better at my job, faster at setting the planer, reducing waste and making production flow as quickly and well as possible. Now it only takes one or two pieces before I get the right settings!

It is also challenging to train new colleagues. You have to adapt to how different people learn while at the same time you want to keep up the pace of production.

It is important that you have 100% focus on the job when you are here to achieve a good result!

What is the best thing about working at Sweden Timber?
Colleagues, both managers and other workmates. Feels like it’s easy to have a good relationship with everyone. We are all on the same team and it feels like everyone is listening. I am very satisfied with my job and Sweden Timber.

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    Sweden Timber is a wood processing group with sawmills and planing facilities in Sweden with a focus on sales to several export markets. Our goal is to be a flexible supplier that solves the customers needs and thereby create long-term relationships.

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