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About Sweden timber

Focus on each customer’s needs

Sweden Timber is a Swedish owned and growing wood processing group. We produce and sell high quality wood products to the construction industry and builder merchants outlets in several export markets. The business consists of sawmills and planing facilities in four Swedish locations, Malmbäck, Hjortkvarn, Skillingaryd and Mora as well as a sales office in Holland.

With a wide product range of sawn products, structural timber, exterior cladding, impregnated timber, interior cladding and floors, we become a complete wood supplier. We can manage everything from small dimensions to very rough studs with lengths up to 6m.

Our extensive experience in making customer specific logistical solutions, profiles, packaging, bundling, precision cutting and labelling etc. makes us a flexible supplier that focuses on solving the customer’s needs. Through this and a quick handling of customer orders, our goal is to build long term relationships with our customers.

To us at Sweden Timber it is important that our products are made from raw materials that come from responsibly managed forests that take biodiversity into account.

Our Products

We have a wide product range with sawn products, structural timber, exterior cladding, impregnated timber, interior cladding and flooring. Our goal is to build long-term relationships through customer-specific solutions, great flexibility and fast deliveries.

Environmental policy

As a consumer of forest raw materials and with the wood processing industry, Sweden Timber shall work to ensure that the operations are conducted in an environmentally considerate way as possible, for the planet and for the employees.

Our sawmills

Our sawmills focus on great flexibility and fast handling of customer orders. Immense importance is placed on high quality both on the products and on the management of the business throughout the process. Our facilities are situated in Malmbäck, Hjortkvarn, Skillingaryd and Mora.

Broad experience

Sweden Timber was founded in 2013 and was then mainly focused on sales of wood products. The first production facility in Malmbäck was acquired in 2016 by Bodafors Trä, which had built a well thought out sawing and planer facility. In 2021, the well established Einars Trä in Skillingaryd was acquired with its flexible planing production. In the same year, production also starts in Mora with possibilities to produce interior cladding and flooring as well as painting.

To continue moving forward, Sweden Timber bought Hjortkvarn Timber by the Svedulf group in 2022. Hjortkvarn with its sawn goods of pine and modern processing plant with planing, impregnation and compression of stable pallets complements Sweden Timber’s previously spruce dominated production well.

Sweden Timber has accumulated a great deal of knowledge through strategic acquisitions of solid companies with long experience. For us, it is important to preserve all the knowledge and experience found in the companies we acquire and take it with us in our endeavours to grow and develop forward.

Hylte Paper – a part of Sweden Timber

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Woodcomposites – a part of Sweden Timber Group

Woodcomposites are an innovative way to replace conventional plastics. The granules consists of a combination of polymers and FSC® certified Nordic wood content from sustainably managed forests.

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    Sweden Timber

    Sweden Timber is a wood processing group with sawmills and planing facilities in Sweden with a focus on sales to several export markets. Our goal is to be a flexible supplier that solves the customers needs and thereby create long-term relationships.

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